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Winter production for actors 6-12

Actors are split by age to ensure the best performing arts experience for all. K-3rd and 3rd-6th graders rehearse separately and participate in the same performance on stage together. Returning 3rd graders may choose which age group they want to be placed in. 

Choose from three locations:

Larkspur, Novato or Mill Valley


K-3rd grade
Our youngest actors will play the adorable muchkins of Munchkinland, flying monkeys and magical poppies. They will participate in a mini-audition on their first day of class and do not need to prepare anything in advance. Returning actors will have the opportunity for lines if they want them (not all want lines at this age and that is ok!). Rehearsals are spent playing theater games, practicing for performances and building a foundation for theater while boosting confidence and creativity. 

Rehearsals are weekly. Families choose their day and location:

Mondays in Novato  - Sign up
3:45-5:30, Nov. 20-Jan 15

Mondays in Mill Valley
Jan 22-March 18, 2:45-3:45 
Registration opens in October

Tuesdays in Novato - Sign up five spots left
3:45-5:30, Nov. 21-Jan 16

Wednesdays in Larkspur

12:45-2:20pm, Nov. 8th-Jan 17th - SIGN UP

Wednesdays in Larkspur
2:30-4:15, Nov. 15-Jan 17th

Fridays in Larkspur 
3:45-5:30, Nov. 17-Jan 20th
Registration opens Oct. 1

Saturdays in Novato - Sign up
9:30-10:30am - Nov. 18-Jan 22

3rd-6th graders
Participate in a three part audition process including: acting, singing and dance. Audition materials for acting and singing will be posted here two weeks prior to auditions. A dance combination will be taught at auditions. Everyone registered is given a role in the production. Rehearsals are weekly on the day families choose. There will be additional rehearsals the week of the show, and for the actor playing the role of Dorothy. Times and locations:

Mondays in Novato, 3:45-5:30
Auditions Oct. 30th

Sign up a 3rd-6th grader for Mondays

Tuesdays in Novato, 3:45-5:30
No auditions on Halloween. Attend Monday or Saturday auditions
Sign up a 3rd-6th grader for Tuesdays

Wednesdays in Larkspur, 12:45-2:30
starting Nov. 8th, registration begins 10/1

Wednesdays in Larkspur, 2:30-4:15
auditions Nov. 1st, registration begins 10/1

Fridays in Larkspur, 3:45-5:30
Auditions Nov. 3rd, registration begins 10/1

Saturdays in Novato,
Auditions Nov. 5
Sign up a 3rd-6th grader for Saturdays

Performance weeks: January 8-21st at the Playhouse in San Anselmo
Each group will have two rehearsals and two performances during that time. Dates announced after casting. Most costumes and props are provided. Families may be asked to provide specific shoes, undergarments or articles of clothing to be worn under costumes. 

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