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Dance to Disneyland

the happiest camp on earth!

Dancers learn exciting choreography in Marin, then travel to Disneyland to perform on stage in the park, take a workshop with a Disney casting agent and enjoy the park with friends! 

June 25-July 1st:

Sunday - Parent and dancers meet and greet / info meeting

Monday - Thursday, 10am-3pm Dance camp in Marin

Friday - Camp leaves together for Anaheim. Dinner together and explore Downtown Disney!

Saturday - Dancers take a Master class backstage at Disneyland, then spend the day exploring the parks in groups of 4-6 (with staff). Dance rehearsal and dinner all together.

Sunday - Dancers perform a the park!

After performance, dancers are dismissed and can enjoy the parks with their families!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents attend?

Yes! Disneyland is open to the public so anyone with a ticket can come watch the show. We encourage families to come watch the show! Family members are responsible for their own tickets and travel arrangements. Parents are not allowed in the backstage changing or instructional areas at Disneyland.

What is the dancer/chaperone ratio?

At the parks, we separate into groups of about 4-6, based on age and ride interests. Younger campers are with a chaperone or counselor (or two) at all times, older and returning campers are given limited freedom within their groups. We meet up as a whole group for our scheduled events and meals and there are always plenty of extra parents and adults closeby.

Do you have to be a good dancer to attend?

It helps, but no. Every year we get a wide range of ability levels, from very beginners to dancers who compete on teams. We separate dancers based on age and ability so that everyone is challenged appropriately at their level.

What are the age requirements?

The camp is ideal for dancers between the ages of 9-14, although we do allow campers outside that age range. The minimum age to participate in Disney's performing arts program is 7 and Katia & Company requires that any dancers younger than 9 have a family member at Disneyland.

Can my child call me on the trip?

Dancers who have cell phones are encouraged to keep them on hand and may call their parents at any (appropriate) time. Phones are not allowed during the scheduled Disney events and chaperones collect phones at lights-out to help dancers get to bed.

How much does it cost?

Cost includes: 

Dance camp in Marin, costume for performance,* travel to Anaheim with the camp, accommodations in Anaheim for dancer, 3 day hopper pass to Disneyland, meals in the park (with camp) and K & Co shirt and souvenir. 

* Dancers will need to purchase their own dance shoes and tights separately 

$1,360 before March 1st

$1,445 after March 1st

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