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Peter Pan
May 25th, 26th and 27th at 6:30pm, May 26th at 11am and 2pm and May 26th at 3pm at the Marin Center

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Peter Pan fly cast

Peter Pan fly cast

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About the show...

The classic tale of Peter Pan, the boastful and carefree child who ran away to Neverland so he would never have to grow up. He visits windows to hear stories, especially of the Darling Family. He takes the Darling children on adventures, teaches them to fly  and saves them from pirates. A fanciful story rich with cheery songs, a heart warming message and lots of vibrant characters. 

About the program...
Everyone who registers gets a role in the show, casting is based on auditions. Audition info and materials will be emailed to families one week prior to auditions. Rehearsals are once a week, with the exception of the role of Peter which will require additional rehearsals. Parent help is appreciated when offered, although parents are never required to donate or volunteer. Actors will be expected to provide their own shoes (such as character or jazz shoes) and some costume pieces for the performance.  Cost includes rehearsals and program instruction most props and costume pieces, script and a special performance keepsake. 


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