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Tickets are sold through a third party ticketing system, depending on the theater where the performance is taking palace. We use tiered pricing based on the view from each section.

Do parents need a ticket to see the show?

Everyone who needs a seat for the performance needs a ticket to the show. Toddlers and babies who will sit on an adult's lap do not need a ticket. ​


​Why do parents have to purchase tickets?

The registration fee covers class and instructor time over the course of the rehearsal period, the script, and participation in the program. Ticket fees help to cover the costs of putting on a production such as theater rental, professional light and sound technicians, costumes and all the other elements that go into a full scale performance. Just like if your child takes dance lessons, you would pay for the dance lessons, and then pay separately for tickets to the recital (and often again for costumes, production fees, annual fees and photos, too).  


Do I have to come see both performances my child is in?

No. In fact, you don't even have to attend at all, although that would be disappointing for your performer. We recommend:


1.  Seeing both if you can, as it is a live show and every performance will be slightly different.   or,


2. Having at least someone in the audience for each performance your child is in. For instance, a parent one day and a grandparent the next. It tends to make performs sad if they don't have any family or friends in the audience, and that is the last thing we want!


Is there a limit on how many people can attend?

There is no limit to how many tickets each family can purchase. If the venue is close to selling out, an email will be sent to families letting them know.


What covid protocols are you following?

At this time, do not have any Covid requirements of our audience. Cast and audience members may wear a mask if they choose to.

I can't come to the performance. May I watch a dress rehearsal?

Unfortunately, no. This is a stipulation in most theater contracts. Rehearsals are not designed to be watched by an audience, but rather are a time when cast and crew can work out all the kinks before we present for you!


What if my child can't come to both performances?

That happens! Kids get sick, have conflicts, etc. And that is ok. Part of the reason we hold two per cast is to provide two opportunities to perform, in case someone has a conflict with a performance. We have understudies and doubles ready just in case and always make it work. 


​​We purchased tickets for the wrong performance, have too many tickets or can't use all the tickets we have. What should we do?

Tickets may be transferred to a different performance. Let us know which you'd like to see, as long as seats are available.  We are unable to refund surplus tickets. 

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